The Wedding family would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. We visited Frankenmuth, MI in 2011 and were delighted to see that they have the Christmas spirit ALL YEAR ROUND. Check it out if you have a free weekend: Like Frankenmuth, we put the Christ in Christmas right where it belongs and we have the Christmas spirit all year! The reason behind our Christmas spirit is different than you may expect: Don begins writing the annual Wedding Family Christmas letter on December 26th each year. Not kidding... If anyone (particularly Kathryn) says something witty or something that makes Don laugh out loud, he writes it down. If he doesn’t write it down, he forgets it and it is forever lost. Too bad you have missed some better witticisms of the Weddings! Also, if an incident happens, it may be deemed as the Wedding Family Christmas theme of the year. It is hard to keep a low profile when Don is around! Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoy the Christmas spirit all year as you read our family letters from the past.

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